Important tips to preserve the lifespan of your brushes:

- Never submerge your makeup brushes in water! This only loosens the brush handles and bristles from the metal ferrule and will damage your brushes.

- Dust or wipe off access product/makeup from your brushes after each use daily. Use a soft cloth or tissue along with a brush cleanser solution formulated for daily use. Buildup in the bristles causes them to break down and decreases the effectiveness of your brushes.

- It is best to store your brushes in a dust bag or roll to prevent dust buildup (*PRETTYGIRLS Makeup Bags for storage - COMING SOON! )

- Always avoid tugging on the bristles. 

- Brushes should be cleaned weekly with mild temperature water and gentle/mild shampoo or by using a commercial grade cleaner specifically for brushes. 


*We highly recommend our 100% Organic  Makeup Brush Cleansing Bar by Prettygirls Beauty formulated especially for your Prettygirls Brushes and all brushes! They do not degrade your brushes and keep them soft and non-shedding with our 100% organic formula that is healthy for your brushes and your skin!



- Reshape your brushes after using to mimic the shape of the bristles and lay flat separately to air dry until completely dry.

*Skincare is our top priority, therefore we recommend cleaning your brushes prior to your first use by utilizing a commercial grade makeup brush cleaner or mild shampoo with mild temperature water. Pat dry with a soft towel, reshape, lay flat and allow drying completely.



Lil_Redz Davis gives us a quick demo at the end of her Prettygirls Review Video on how to use your Cleansing Makeup Brush Bar to clean products (Skip to 11:11)