PRETTYGIRLS was founded in 2011 after the realization of the need for high end makeup brushes that suited the needs of the everyday girl as well as MUA's and advanced makeup lovers.  Prettygirls was founded to assure that top quality brushes and products that are seamless and hold strong against all big name industry competitors were available to everyone worldwide at affordable prices!!  Who says you cant have top quality products and not pay an arm and a leg for them??

PRETTYGIRLS Makeup Brushes are affordable but also TOP quality High End Brushes.  They are SUPER SOFT which is intentional and a must to assure that they are anti-aging with regards to how they handle and work when used on the skin. The super soft quality and feel of the brushes guarantees that they are not dragging or pulling the skin down during application and are working with every woman's common goal in mind which is to maintain healthy, flawless, ageless skin for a lifetime! 

Company Overview
PRETTYGIRLS is dedicated to all individuals of varying ages  and  is excited about each item carried in our product line and assures top notch quality of all products and has tried, loved and approved them all personally.  Our beauty products will continue to be set at an affordable price for our customers without skimping on quality.   

Anti Aging - Cruelty and Cancer Free Products!
All of our brushes are 100% cruelty free and we also carry 100%  vegan brushes.  All of our makeup products are 100% Paraban (carcinogenic found in other makeup lines) and Fragrance Free  as to not irritate your skin or health in the process of beautifying you!
PRETTYGIRLS' mission is to continue to supply our customers with great products that change the way beauty  products are used and loved.  Our product line attends to all skill levels of beauty and makeup with skincare and health being our top priorities.
The best Makeup is only as good as the tools you use to apply it!