100% Organic PRETTYGIRLS Makeup Brush Cleansing Bar

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These Prettygirls Makeup Brushes can be such dirty girls;) ! How do you clean your Prettygirls Brushes / Makeup brushes?

Do you use hair shampoo or baby shampoo? Both great for what they are intended for but lot formulated for the delicate needs of your facial brushes. Do you use an expensive brush cleaner with a big name, big price tag and lots of big chemical ingredients included in them?

Or do you use a harsh and not even designed for the delicate facial skin product such as dishwashing soap??

Well cut all of these out!! The face is such a delicate area of the body and our skin is porous and absorbent like a sponge and anything that you are washing your brushes with contacts your face directly and goes into your body! We already receive enough chemicals from other products on a daily basis- why not assure that your makeup brushes are disinfected and cleansed utilized 100% organic product only??

Prettygirls Beauty is dedicated not only to beauty but also health in beauty and creating products that are non-carcinogenic and as organic as possible!

Therefore, we are proud to introduce our 100% organic, parabin and chemical free -alALL NATURAL Makeup Brush Cleansing Bars specially and specifically formulated to deep clean your Prettygirls Makeup Brushes AND all other makeupbrushes with no residue and grime!

Our formula is perfect for the skin as well as all ingredients are natural and also perfect for your delicate makeup brushes to preserve and extend their life span! The cleansing bars themselves are long lasting and don't require extreme scrubbing to remove product from your brushes as they have textured ingredients in them that help to remove build up in the brushes!!

Bar is long lasting and well worth the value as you can use it many many times with proper care!!